This is a round-up of the Equipment, Soft -and Hardware I use for my daily job as webdeveloper.

flyweb Standingdesk

Equipment & Hardware

Keeping healthy while sitting all day in front of the Computer-Screen is important and so I switched to a Standing Table a few years ago. Because I could not find a table fitting my needs, I went to a carpenter who built a beautiful wooden table according to my plans. This was not cheap but the result was worth the money — there is a solution for the cable management, cable holes and shelves were I need them.
Since always standing is also not an option I completed my setup with an HÅG Capisco chair — Video: An Unusual Ergonomic Office Chair — which allows ergonomic sitting at the standing table.

My triple Monitor/Display setup consists of the display from my MacBook, an older 19'inch pivot Iiyama and a big 27' Iiyama Red Eagle Monitor.


MacBook Pro 15-inch Intel Core i7 2 GHz — the Laptop hosts my Apache Webserver for local testing and developing.

Desktop Computer

Since the Desktop is also my Gaming-Rack the Hardware is way more sophisticated as it would be necessary for webdevelopment respectively Website Testing.


The only notable Software running on my PC is synergy ( This great little Piece of Software let me use a single Keyboard and Mouse with both my Apple and Windows machines simultaneously. Besides, only Browsers for testing and Steam (along with games) are installed on my Windows computer. As for my Apple and the "serious stuff", see below: