Please allow me to introduce myself!

I'm the man behind the scene, I've been around the Net since 1999, saw many Layout Hacks come and go, and I was around when IE6 take his toll, made damn sure that my Skills evolved,
Pleased to meet you *

html css php js

one curly bracket at a time

Front & Backend Programming

I love to build slick Backends as much as I dig to make Website Layouts which support a semantic and open web.

move those pixels around

Layout & Graphic Design

Besides designing Websites I created Webshops, HTML Newsletters and graphic Banners.

Tear stuff appart
to learn
how things work

Blog & Resource for mindbending Webdevelopment

Superflys Headsoup

Samba Fun with osX

This is mainly a note to myself! How to configure...

Apache Virtual Host for development on osX

Tired of using an IP address to reach your local...

Structured Data For Website Content

Using and Microdata to generate rich snippets in SERPs...


Portfolio, personal playground & testing area

For what it's worth

I have +15 years of experience with frontend/backend development and graphic design. For the majority of my time, I work for a small publisher company in lovely Vienna, Austria.

Passionate about design & codeing

In the years of my career, I worked with various clients to produce fresh and delicious Websites. Feel free to contact me, I'm always looking forward to work on new projects and to meet new people.

About This Site

This website is foremost my personal testing area and knowledge resource — so watch your steps there might be dragons lurking around. As I'm not a native speaker please go easy on my english.

code is poetry

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