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Franz PAUL
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Franz PAUL

Self-taught webdeveloper with 20+ years of experience, who loves to build fast & slick Backends as much as semantic Frontends, supporting an open and inclusive world wide web.
I spend the majority of my working hours with a small publisher company in lovely Vienna, Austria.
My main focus lies on HTML, CSS, Javascript, php as well as mySql development. Currently, I also enjoy to work with Laravel, Vue and tailwind — if you're curious here is my uses page.

One Curly Bracket At A Time

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. Foremost this website is just a small presentation of myself, the Layout was inpired by the old IT times when things like Punchcards and Magnetic tape data storage were still in use. If you have any feedback or want to chat about webdevelopment, you can contact me at one of the services below or by email —

Evidence for miserable failing with blogging

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