Textpattern Plug-in: Truncate Article Excerpt

Textpattern Plug-in to truncate the Article Excerpt

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I missed the possibility to truncate the Article Excerpt to a given number of words, with the CMS textpattern. So, I made myself a simple Plug-in to add this missing Feature.

Textpattern Tag

<txp:fly_excerpt truncate="10" more="..." link="0" class="green-link" />


The Plug-in Tag accepts 4 attributes:


A Repository can be found on github - github.com/brachycera/fly_excerpt. The plug-in is released under the MIT License.


Version 1.02 - 27 Sept. 2016

Version 1.01 - 16 Feb. 2015

Version 1.0 - 16 Feb. 2015