Sublime Themes & Icons

A Collection of Sublime themes and how to change the Sidebar Icons

screenshot sublime IDE

Sublime Themes

Here are my personal favorite themes, I will update this List when I find new themes.

How to change Sublime Sidebar Icons

I love to have Sidebar Icons in Sublime. This helps me navigate faster through my files and a little eye candy is always nice to have.

Replacing or overwriting Sidebar Icons from a theme can be easily achieved with a few steps. (With this method any Package Files can be overwritten).

  1. Open Sublime and choose Preferences > Browse Packages
  2. Create a new Folder and rename it like this: Theme - THEME_NAME_HERE (e.g. Theme - spacegray)
  3. Next create a Sub-Folder with the Name icons. Some Icons need config files, for this case create a second Sub-Folder with the name Prefs
  4. Find yourself some nice Icons - e.g.

Folder Structure:

Sublime 3
> Packages
>>> icons
>>> Prefs


Color Schemes

Color Schemes define the Text-Colors in Sublime.