Eclipse is dead, long live Sublime

When it comes to Programming Editors I tested a lot of them, but I kept returning to Eclipse. After years working with the Eclipse IDE I think it is finally time to make the switch to Sublime Text

Quo Vadis Eclipse
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Sublime looks pretty barebones at the first glance, the Preferences are missing any GUI, the settings are keys/values in a JSON format. The Sidebar has only rudimentary functions and it wasn't clear at the beginning where or how do I create Projects.

But for most features which are missing there is a package/plug-in to download. This is a weakness which is also the strength of Sublime, you can adapt it around your needs such as you like.

One of the biggest changes from Eclipse are the "Goto Anything..." and "Command Palette". Whom ever used a Launching-Tool like Quicksilver or Alfred will quickly get familiar with this features. Lookup files, code or run task’s like HTML Convert Special Chars everything is a few keystrokes away.

Also a great feature is the "Minimap which shows the files programming code from a birds view perspective. The "MultiCursor" Feature is also a great thing which i don't want to miss anymore.

I am lazy...

Codesuggestion Tools like Emmet are essential for fast and lazy programming, together with Sublimes Snippets you get some powerful tools. Now I only need a way to import my Eclipse Snippets?!

Shortcuts are essential

To unleash the full speed Sublime offers remembering the Keybindings/Shortcuts is essential.


The Sublime "tuts plus" Tutorial (free Account required) was a very good starting point, some other useful resources can also be found at

Packages with Package Control

To use Packages, Package Control is recommended -

For my Development setup I use the following Packages to work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Angular and Laravel:


After working with Sublime over the last few weeks, I don’t regret the step away from Eclipse. I’m still discovering new tricks and features in Sublime. Overall I don’t regret the switch from Eclipse to Sublime, the only thing I’m missing is the comfortable code suggestion and code hinting from Eclipse.