Icon Boxes for osX Dock Stacks

A short description on how to use transparent Box-Icons as Stacks Container Image

osx Stock Icons

If you're like me and love some eye-candy and maybe you're using Stacks in your osX dock, this little trick might be interesting to you. When a picture of a transparent box is placed in a folder - which is also used as a Dock Stack - it can produce a neat effect which shows the folder files as items in a box.

To keep the Box Icon showing, even when you resort the Stack files e.g. as "last modification date". It will be necessary to trick osX to always show the Box Icon as first file in the stack.

  1. Change the filename to begin with two underlines like __myBoxIcon.png
  2. Change the modification date of the Box Icon via terminal to some date in the future
// set's the modification date of the file
// named YOUR_IMAGE_FILENAME.png to 01. Jan 2030
$ touch -mt 203001010101.01 "YOUR_IMAGE_FILENAME.png"

Icons can be found all over the Internet, maybe you find something at the following links: