When working with many Authors and multiple Article Categories. Users tend to select the any category without checking the Website Navigation Structure. Because of it, articles will get published in the wrong categories, thus I made this Plug-in to help prevent that.


  • Settings Page to de/-activate Categories for a specific Section
  • All Settings are saved in a Database Table
  • Users can't select the blocked Categories in the Dropdown Menu
  • Clean Uninstall

This Plug-in is released under the MIT License. A Repository can be found on github - github.com/brachycera/fly_cat_restriction


Version 1.1 (6. Feb. 2015)

  • Changed plugin name from fw_cat_restrictions to fly_cat_restrictions to follow TXP plugin guidelines
  • Bugfix for Dropdown if section and category names were equal
  • Added Feature Request to show/hide restricted Categories on Write Tab. Set via checkbox on Plugin Setting page
  • Added CSS-Classes .restricted and .restrictedHidden for Option Tag in Dropdown on Write Tab