When dealing with lots of databases and tables in phpMyAdmin, the left Navigation Panel can quickly get quite crowed. PhpMyAdmin offers a nice solution for this problem with — Stacks. These Stacks can be created, when using predefined Seperators for naming databases and tables.

Create Database Stacks

To create Stacks as seen in the Screenshot, just use '_' in your database names. The default Separator $cfg['NavigationTreeDbSeparator'] can be edited/added in the phpMyAdmin config.inc.php file.

In the following Example the TV-Show databases, TV-Show_Children and TV-Show_Sci-Fi are stacked as TV-Shows because of the prefix TV-Show_.

Create Table Stacks

Just as databases, tables can be stacked too. The default Separator for table names is a double '__' underline. This value $cfg['NavigationTreeTableSeparator'] can be edited/added in the phpMyAdmin config.inc.php file.

The same concept for naming Database Stacks, applies to Table Stacks. The only difference is the double '__' underline separator. As in the example below, TV-Shows Tables are stacked based on their Show Name.

Documentation: PhpMyAdmin Navigation Panel Setup