What this Theme does:

  • Pictures have a nice Polaroid Look
  • Big Pictures will nicely scale with the NetNewsWire Window
  • Unnecessary Links, Banners, Tracker and social Sharing Buttons from the Feeds are removed
  • Links in the Feed Text, show the URL as Tooltip when you hover over them

This Theme is still a "work in progress" and so i release it as beta!


  • 11.04.2011 - Released beta V0.1
  • 15.04.2011 - Released beta V0.2, graphical changes of the Headline and Text Padding
  • 26.06.2011 - Changed the whole Theme to a nice and crips grey Layout
  • 22.11.2011 - Various Bugfixes: Font Size, Images and Videos resize with NNW Window, hide social Buttons