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Franz PAUL @ 1190 Vienna, Austria

I have +15 years of experience with frontend/backend development and graphic design. For the majority of my time, I work for a small publisher company in lovely Vienna, Austria.

This website is foremost my personal testing area and knowledge resource — so watch your steps there might be dragons lurking around. As I'm not a native speaker please go easy on my English.

The following tools where used to get this website running. A big thanks to greensock, scrollmagic, prismJS, simplr smoothscroll, Zurb Foundation, jquery, jquery-mousewheel, iScrolljs, jquery-browser-plugin

Fonts used: LaTribuneCP by Claude Pelletier, Hamburger Haven by Nick's Fonts and Lora by Cyreal


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Feel free to contact me, I'm always looking forward to work on new projects and to meet new people.